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Gravid massage:

Speciel briks til gravide med hul til maven

Camila har mere end
20 års erfaring med massage af gravide



Nyd en omsorgsfuld vel afbalancerende healingsmassage og
få mere energi



Terapi & Clairvoyance:

Opnå endnu mere indsigt og afklaring i dit liv

Kom ind til en god samtale



The secret of happiness (2 dvd): Eckhart Tolle Pris: 125,00 DKK
Normalpris: 249,00 DKK
Varenr.: dvd10   Lager antal: 1

How hypnotized are you by the content of your life? That is to say, how deeply are you identified with your ideas, opinions, labels, profession, society, culture? The first step towards finding true happiness is realizing that you have been attached to and seeking happiness through the content of your life. In this extraordinary teaching session, Eckhart Tolle shows you how to become free of fear, unease, discontent, and other dysfunctions of the human mind, by going beyond identification with content. The deep inner stillness that underlies his words serves as a transmission that will reveal to you your own inner depth, a dimension of consciousness that is one with the eternal Now. This is the only place where true happiness can be found.

'The Secret of Happiness' also contains questions & answers related to:
How to be in stillness and function in the world?
What is my purpose in life?
The development of the ego and why it is important to go beyond it.
And more.

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